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About Patrick

I’m Patrick Neve.
I don’t just build websites. I help build brands.

What if I told you that a website, when designed properly, can triple your profits?

This is a reality.

I design powerful websites that drive sales, clarify your message, and build brand awareness — giving you an advantage over the competition.

“…I’ve been blessed to know people who have that extra “something” that makes them unique. Patrick has that extra “something.” He’s an artist in tune with cutting edge technology and ideas.”

JimRetired Fire Captain // Entrepreneur

“I can’t thank Patrick enough for redesigning my website. He was able to convey my vision into something I can really be proud of. I highly recommend him!”

RobertEntrepreneur // Educator

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

  • Discoverability

    There’s a 100% chance you’re losing potential customers to your competition if you don’t have a Web presence.

  • Flexibility

    Conventional marketing is expensive and time-consuming. Easily share your content across multiple social platforms.

  • Approachability

    Through the use of personable copywriting, you can humanize your business and connect with clients much easier.

  • Rememberability

    A website is a stage for your business. Websites inform, educate, and showcase your products and services in a memorable way.

  • Credibility

    Do you really want to be the only one (without) a website? What does that say about your business?

3 Stages of a Successful Launch


The most successful web design projects begin with a clear understanding of goals, objectives, and most importantly: your company’s message.


The second stage involves a strategic approach to layout and aesthetics — while fine-tuning your company’s message to be as clear as possible.


The final stage focuses on adjusting everything we’ve achieved up until this point — delivering a solution that solves your customers’ problems.

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